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05 November, 2012 17:42  Expat Library Expat Library

Library with globe @ FotoliaBeing an expat can have a steep learning curve. Maybe that is why so many of us turn to blogging, a forum in which you can complain, compare, and commiserate. Stories of visa woes, culinary triumphs and catastrophes, and all the madness that comes with living abroad make for a fascinating story.

These stories led us to launch our series of Expat Interviews. We've heard from expats from Papua New Guinea to Paris in 5 languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Français, & Italiano). People living abroad have shared what led them to make an international move, what they miss most, changes in cost of living, and more.

Some expats have taken sharing their experiences to the next level by gathering their wildest stories and best advice in book format.

Expat authors aren't all experts, but they do have a story to tell. That is why we are beginning a new series of Expat Authors Interviews. They can provide stories of life abroad, as well as what it takes to develop your writing and publish a book. We will talk with the authors of "how to" books, memoirs and fictional books with an expat theme. Follow along in our new series of interview with stories published each month.

To follw more of our expat book recommendations, check out our Pinterest board "Expat Books".


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