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Interview with Expat Author - Clara Wiggins

26 May, 2015 11:52  Erin Erin

Clara Wiggins Hi, I’m Clara Wiggins and I am from the UK. At the moment I also live in the UK but I was born in Cuba (to British diplomatic parents) and lived all over the world including the Philippines, Nigeria, Venezuela, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Pakistan and St Lucia. This year we are moving to South Africa.

1. Why did you move abroad?

 As a child I moved with my parents – no choice! Then as an adult I realised the wonderlust was still there and I started out by going on a round-the-world trip on my own, which included nine months in New Zealand. When I returned to London I decided I wasn’t done with living abroad so I joined the Foreign Office and with that job moved to Jamaica. Here I met my husband and became pregnant with the first of our two daughters. We then moved with my husband’s job to Pakistan and St Lucia (and soon to South Africa).  


Interview with Expat author - Andrew Hallam

18 November, 2014 12:48  Erin Erin

The Global Expats Guide To InvestingMy wife and I have no fixed address. She’s American. I’m Canadian. I lived in Singapore from 2003-2014. That’s where we met. Now we travel around the world like a couple of nomads:

  • October and November in Mexico
  • January to March in Thailand
  • April to May in Malaysia. 

The year after that?  Maybe Argentina, Europe or Fiji.  

1. Why did you move abroad?

I had bought a piece of oceanfront property on Vancouver Island. Before long, I realized that the costs of paying off the mortgage and building a house were recipes for mini, nightly aneurisms.  So I took a teaching job at Singapore American School.  Salaries were higher than what I was being paid in Canada. And the school covered accommodation. I thought I would spend just two years in Singapore. But from the first month, I knew I was going to stay a lot longer.  I loved the city, the jungle, the travel and the people.


Interview with Expat author - Yelena Parker

08 July, 2014 09:47  Erin Erin

Moving without Shaking My name is Yelena Parker. I grew up in Ukraine. I am American. At the moment I live in Tanzania and in July I will return to the United Kingdom, my latest country of “permanent” residence.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I moved abroad multiple times. 4 times, to be more precise. My first move was for pure economic reasons. I moved from Ukraine to the United States, straight to the heart of Silicon Valley to get an MBA. This was meant to open doors to gaining economic advantage.

Second time it was an expat contract, company transfer from the US to Geneva, Switzerland.

Third time, after our business was acquired, I got a local contract in the UK and moved to London.

Lastly, I am currently in Tanzania, volunteering and travelling for 4 months. Yes, I count it as an expat experience! 4 months of community work is truly plenty of time to absorb the local culture!


Interview with Expat author - Tony James Slater

05 June, 2013 09:00  Erin Erin

Tony James SlaterTony James Slater is the author of crazy travel-comedy ‘That Bear Ate My Pants!’. He is a very, very strange man. He believes himself to be indestructible, despite considerable evidence to the contrary. He is often to be found making strange faces whilst pretending to be attacked by inanimate objects. And sometimes - not always, but often enough to be of concern - his testicles hang out of the holes in his trousers.

It is for this reason (amongst others) that he chooses to spend his life far from mainstream civilization, tackling ridiculous challenges and subjecting himself to constant danger. He gets hurt quite a lot.


Interview with Expat author - Norman Schriever

08 May, 2013 10:11  Erin Erin

Norm Schriever My name is Norman Schriever, but my friends call me Norm.  You can call me Mr. Schriever.  Or “dude!”  

I’m from New Haven, Connecticut originally, and spent a decade in California.  I’ve lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua the last couple of years, and headed to Asia next.  

1. Why did you move abroad?
Should I be honest and say it was because I couldn’t hold down a job or get a date in the States?  Nah, I’ll lie and say that I love traveling, exploring other cultures, and it’s always been my dream to be a writer, documenting real peoples’ stories from lost corners of the world.  


Interview with Expat author - Cherie Magnus

06 February, 2013 10:31  Erin Erin

The Church of Tango My name is Cherie Magnus, but most folks on the internet know me as tangocherie for my blog. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I left there in 2001 to live in Mexico, and then in 2003 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Phoebe the expat cat. In January 2012, I published my first book, The Church of Tango: a Memoir—Death, Dance, Destiny.

1. Why did you move abroad?

I had a series of losses in my life beginning with the death of my beloved husband from cancer. More loss followed including the family home, my mother to Alzheimer’s, and my own two cancers. I had to take early retirement from my job as a dance reference librarian in the Los Angeles Public Library. Then money was an issue and so I moved to Mexico where I thought life would be cheaper. I also took it as an opportunity to live in a foreign culture and learn a new language. But I was a tango dancer and so I was drawn to Buenos Aires, the Mecca of tango that I had occasionally visited since I began dancing tango in 1997. In 2001 Argentina suffered an economic crisis and it was very inexpensive. Since then things changed and inflation has skyrocketed—something that most expats don’t think about when they make the decision to leave home for greener foreign fields.